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The best from your horse, naturally

Lucinda McAlpine has become one of the country’s leading experts in Natural Horse Management. Over the last fifteen years her work has extended into the fields of diet, fitness, injuries and rehabilitation as well as behavioural work. Working everyday with between 20- 40 horses and ponies of various breeds, ages and types over this period has given her much experience of the benefits of a more natural lifestyle for the horse in comparison to the more conventional horse management systems that she studied for the previous 30 years.

In more recent years Lucinda’s research has focussed on her home bred horses. Having 3 groups of full brothers and sisters means that she can fully explore the effects of ‘Nature or Nurture’ in relation to health, temperament, performance and longevity for the modern competition horse.

  • Have you ever had a horse that everyone says will never be any good?
  • Has your horse been written off by the vets and several trainers?
  • Does your horse have deep-rooted man-made psychological problems?
  • Have you simply lost confidence in each other?
  • Are you fed up with your horse being seeming to be incapable of doing the things that you bought it to do?

If the answer to any one of these questions is yes, then you are probably feeling quite depressed. But this is not necessarily the end of the line for you and your horse. We are confident that Natural Horse Management can help you both restore your confidence in one another. Why not explore what’s on offer at Bowhayes Farm?

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