Horses helping humans to help themselves

Free schooling - De-StressageIt has long been known that animals and in particular horses have therapeutic powers for humans. Riding for the Disabled has been carrying out valuable work for many decades now and hospitals around the country have noticed the beneficial effect of visits from animals. In this busy modern world the medical profession are beginning to recognise stress as the main contributory cause of many forms of dis-ease. De-Stressage brings together horses and people enabling the horse to be our guide on a journey of personal healing and development.

As you approach Bowhayes Farm, the home of De-Stressage,  you can immediately feel the spirit of the place, for everything here is aimed at happiness, relaxation and well-being of mind, body and spirit. It was with these aims in mind that in 1995 Lucinda McAlpine began to develop a more natural way of life for her competition dressage horses. By embracing a more holistic lifestyle with the heightened awareness that this brought she discovered that our “animals are our teachers”. The horses and other animals at Bowhayes are relaxed, mentally and physically and are emotionally secure. They have great generosity of spirit and a huge capacity for love. Living and breeding in herds, always encouraged to express themselves freely, they demonstrate the truth as it is in the moment, incapable of deception. “Life is a beach” for them and they therefore find their pleasure in their work of helping humans to heal themselves.

Free schooling - De-StressageSome of the older horses have been through tough times, coming back from the verge of physical and emotional collapse through a change in lifestyle and their stories often resonate with clients own experiences. However the majority of horses here are home bred and so ‘baggage free’ they offer a unique insight into the Equine World and the wisdom that can be found there.

Whilst there are many drugs available to treat the physical body sometimes we need to nourish the Spirit to kick start our self-healing abilities and our will to live life to its fullest. These horses can do just that ! Lucinda acts as translator throughout your sessions, providing a safe, non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere for you to interact with the horses at your own pace.

De-stressage in actionDe-Stressage provides an opportunity to get ‘hands on’ with horses and no prior experience with horses is required. However some clients are already horse owners who wish to enhance their bond with their horse through a deeper understanding of the essence of a horse as a species. Some clients may wish to ride and our experienced schoolmasters are available to help discover an understanding of harmony between horse and rider. Our ‘Yoga on Horseback’ sessions have proved to be an  invaluable approach to understanding body awareness and highlighting areas of tension.

All sessions are tailor made to the individual. Residential courses offer an opportunity to benefit from consecutive sessions that can be combined if required with other therapies.

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man – Winston Churchill

What can De-stressage do for me?

  • Release of stress and tension by heightened awareness of the root of the problem.
  • Understanding the energy that we project towards others and learning how to adjust that to find renewed assertiveness and leadership qualities.
  • In a world driven by logic we can find a new balance by spending some time doing “what feels right” and this change in perspective can create positive changes throughout our lives.
  • Discovering self-belief and greater confidence – achieving, without effort, a feeling previously undreamt of, lays open the path to a more positive outlook on life.
  • Observing the herd environment provokes thought about relationships and interaction. We have much to learn from the animals.
  • Understanding the link between the physical and the emotional, the effects of habitual behaviour and the causes of ill- health and unhappiness.
  • Create space dedicated to You for Yourself. An opportunity to make a personal self-assessment within a relaxing, non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere.
  • An opportunity to face fears within an environment that ensures you are supported towards your success!
  • Spend time rediscovering Nature, its beauty and the Power and Energy that it offers. Find pleasure in the simple things in life that are given for free and life takes on a new perspective.

Sessions are tailored to individual or group needs.

Call us on 01823 680321 for further information and advice. Mobile: 07850 999600.

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