Heather Stack testimonial (2002)

When I first heard about a woman who was achieving great things with her horses in a completely alternative way I was intrigued. I was the biggest sceptic around, ” my thoroughbreds living out without shoes and rugs – never ! ” or so I thought.

Always willing to try something new and desperate to allow my horses to achieve their full potential, I decided to investigate further. The results were undeniable but would it work for me?

My sceptism did not disappear overnight, nor did the sleepless nights. Many a night I trudged down to the field in the pouring rain, imagining I would find a shivering horse in the horse shelter – only to find him grazing contentedly in the middle on the field with his new friends.

Lucinda’s methods involve more than creating a natural environment for the horse to live in. A lot of importance is given to the psychology of the horse, which of course is becoming a trendy topic in the horse world – but how many people actually pay more than lip service to it ?

Majesty (9 yrs thoroughbred cross) was in a riding school situation but was not the most popular ride as he was well known for his exhuberant temperament and was far from being a novice ride. He is more chilled out and happier than I have ever known him and is now the preferred ride for my 4 and 6 year old nieces! We have traded in the martingale and flash noseband for a plain rubber snaffle. Arabian Quest (Q to his friends), my 3 year old thoroughbred is receiving the same quality of life and this more natural lifestyle is enabling him to progress in his training with minimal stress both physically and mentally.

As a busy professional marketing consultant this regime means that I do not have to worry when I am unable to give the horses the time that I would like to as I rest assured in the knowledge that they are happy and healthy in their herd. Apart from anything else the time that I can spend here serves to chill me out as much as it does them thereby being of double benefit.

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