Intuitive Riding

Intuitive riding poster imageOtherwise known as marriage guidance counselling for horse and rider. Lucinda works with both horse and rider – a 3-way relationship – to give you the knowledge and confidence to continue your work with your horse at home, whether that is purely for pleasure or in preparation for competition. Don’t expect your average riding lesson.

For an initial assessment you will enter the arena and show Lucinda how you are going at the moment and what problems, if any, you are experiencing. Do not panic- this is a non-judgemental zone and Lucinda is just here to help you both. Having seen the partnership together Lucinda then removes all the tack and allows the horse to run free so that she can see how the horse behaves without human intervention. This can be very enlightening and expose the ‘real’ horse. She works with the whole of the horse – both physically and emotionally – often similarities are identified in both horse and rider and prove to be the key to improvements in their relationship. Lucinda will then ride the horse, if appropriate, and discuss with him/her their locomotion under saddle with ease of movement and relaxation as priorities. With some changes established, Lucinda then reunites the partnership and works with them together. Lucinda says “I like the horse to leave my sessions with a smile on his face and an eye that says ‘Oh yes, I get it now !”    £75 for an initial assessment, follow up sessions £65. Please note that there is no time constraint for these sessions. They take as long as you both need! Sessions vary between 45 mins – 1 hour 30 mins plus time for a cup of tea !


The best way to learn how to ride a horse is to learn from the horse himself – there is no greater expert ~ Lucinda McAlpine

For those who have completed a number of sessions on the lunge and feel that they would like to progress, we have the schoolmasters to help you do this. Barty, having given you an improved ‘feel’ can introduce you to work off the lunge. He is sensitive and educated with a speciality for lateral work. Getting it wrong is also a vital part of the learning experience and yet he can be remarkably accommodating!

Once fine-tuned by Barty, it is time to move up to  the ID x TB Sandhills (aka Hilly) who can introduce you to the wonders of Piaffe and Passage in which he excels. He  will also give you the chance to experience expressive flying changes. He is very powerful and quite sensitive so you need to work to qualify to ride him !

The time when you know that we consider you advanced is when we bring out What a Boy (aka Borange) who has defeated even an Olympic champions seat! He is the ultimate riding experience but liable to bounce off the novice rider. If your seat can take it his extended trot will leave you with goose bumps!

These sessions are strictly subject to the consent of the individual horse !! £75.

Holidays with your horse

Come and stay for a holiday with your horse and benefit from consecutive sessions within the Bowhayes environment. Between sessions you can observe the ‘herds’ here and their daily routines. You can also explore the wonderful Devon countryside, beaches and excellent local pubs. Our accommodation is detailed on our B&B page. Stabled, shod horses are able to make use of excellent local livery facilities whilst more naturally kept horses can spend the night right outside your window! Packages can be arranged to suit your budget.

Rehabilitation and backing.





Whether it be for backing, problem-solving, transition to barefoot work, or competition and sales preparation, Lucinda solely works with every individual horse in her care. Send your horse for a weekend, a week, a month or remain on permanent livery: provided you are willing to embrace the stress-reduced naturalised lifestyle here, your horse will always be welcome. Lucinda does however insist on regular visits from the owner to monitor progress. £250 per week

Clinics and Demonstrations

Lucinda giving a demonstrationLucinda is also happy to travel to clients for sessions, clinics, demos, and in an advisory role for people setting up yards specialising in a natural approach to horse management.

Horses for Sale

There is always a range of youngstock and naturalised ridden horses available for sale at Bowhayes Farm. If you are looking for a naturalised horse or pony, or for a star of the future, or if you want your horse schooled and presented for sale in a positive and professional environment, please contact us.

As far as we are concerned EVERY HORSE IS SPECIAL. EVERY HORSE IS CAPABLE OF PRESENCE AND PERFORMANCE. EVERY HORSE IS WELCOME from the family cob to the top level competition horse. OUR SYSTEM IS AIMED AT RAISING YOUR CONFIDENCE SO THAT YOU CAN BECOME YOUR OWN TRAINER/EXPERT. WE ARE GETTING IT RIGHT WHEN YOU DON’T NEED US ANYMORE ! This is the understanding that remains central to the ethos of Bowhayes Farm.

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  1. Gill Ings says:

    Hi I am considering natural horsemanship lessons with my pony who I have had for 3 years . He was a rescue so not a good start on life I am wanting him to improve his trust and confidence and for me to learn how I can best help us..

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