“Chinese Medicine is the prevention of disease and maintenance of health. Historically, a Chinese Medicine doctor was paid a retainer to keep their patients healthy. If a patient became sick, the doctor would not be paid until the patient’s health returned. In a similar vein, a doctor that resorted to surgery was considered an inferior doctor. If he/she did their job correctly and helped their clients stay healthy, there would be no need to perform surgery.”

This paragraph was lifted directly from Google but was exactly as I remembered it whilst musing as I tidied the yard today. I don’t normally like to be controversial but I would dearly love to see this principle applied to Veterinary Medicine. Despite almost 20 years of in-depth research into horse care I am amazed that I do not get more interest from equine vets. In fact one once said to me, when I offered to share some ideas, “Well, we can’t all have your facilities. We’ve all got to earn a living so we just patch them up and send them on their way ’til next time!” The conversation ended pretty abruptly as I tried to stop the steam coming out of my ears. (To continue reading click here)

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