Natural Horse Management

  • Have you ever had a horse that everyone says will never be any good?
  • Has your horse been written off by the vets and several trainers?
  • Does your horse have deep-rooted man-made psychological problems?
  • Have you simply lost confidence in each other?
  • Are you fed up with your horse being seeming to be incapable of doing the things that you bought it to do?

Naturally Managed HorsesIf the answer to any one of these questions is yes then you are probably feeling quite depressed, but this is not necessarily the end of the line for you and your horse. Perhaps some aspects of Natural Horse Management might make the difference for you.

Lucinda has kept 20-40 horses in this way for over 15 years and having competed to a high level in the conventional system is well aware of the differences. Maybe we can offer you an alternative: Come on a Study Day at Bowhayes Farm and see that there is ‘another way’ to work with a horse. Learn how we manage the horses and (limited) pasture throughout the changing seasons and benefit from money saving tips that may not yet have occurred to you. Have the opportunity to discuss your horse’s problems and see or even ride the Bowhayes horses at close quarters. Make a connection that will provide you with back-up and links to other therapists. These days are specifically tailored to your areas of interest, be it intuitive riding, the unshod horse or natural horse management and are available to a maximum of 5 participants. It is your day for you so let us know how best we can help you! £135 per person (to include lunch and refreshments). Phone us to discuss your requirements on 01823 680321.

Periodically we will be holding morning workshops for larger groups to gain an introduction into this fascinating approach to horse management. Please keep an eye on our What’s On page for dates.

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