Neurotic horse

I have a lovely horse but she is positively neurotic. Nothing terrible ever happened to her in training, however I had to pull her out after six months when she was labelled to dangerous to ride. I have to look after her completely now as others are nervous of her and I find others make the situation worse. I cannot get this horse into an indoor riding arena: she can be so calm and wonderful and as soon as we enter an indoor she falls apart! How do I keep her from boiling over?

Although ‘nothing terrible’ happened to your horse when she was in training for you, it is clear that something has happened before you had her. Some horses do suffer from genetically inherited anxiety, but this is more extreme and suggests an actual reaction. This is going to be a long haul, and if she has bonded well with you, you are right to handle her on your own at the moment. When you have really got her trust, then start thinking about introducing new people into the equation. Confidence is going to be the key to calming this horse, and it will take time to develop. If you could come on a study day, or have an assessment, I would be able to advise you more specifically, as every case is individual.

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