Restricted grazing

What I should I do about a really ‘good doer’ who will live out on year round grass. We will have access to a stable but that will really only be for emergencies. ******* The field may have to be fenced off though because I don’t want my cob getting laminitis or even just fat.

Obviously you have to maintain your horse’s condition, and the quality of the grazing is instrumental in this, but if his metabolism is working well he will not get laminitis. The fact is that horses prone to laminitis need a lot of exercise so try to take plenty of time for this and if necessary break it into several sessions each day. Free-schooling in the field can be useful to encourage him to use his field for exercise as well as eating. Stabling for long periods of time will disrupt the gut bacteria which can contribute to laminitis and encourage him to gorge when he does go out.

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