Separation anxiety

My horse Jack is sound (although he may be a bit short-sighted in both eyes). The problem I have with Jack is that I’m no longer able to cope with him: he goes mad if either of my ponies go out of his sight, won’t stay in the stable if he can’t see them, and if anything slightly changes he gets really, really upset.

Jack is clearly very nervous and insecure in all areas of his life at present, and it may be exacerbated by his visual impairments. However this is not an excuse: there is a well-known instance of a totally blind Grand Prix dressage horse competing very successfully (the audience were just asked not to applaud until he had left the arena). The faith that horse had in his owner is something you may need to build on with Jack: it sounds as though you both would benefit from my Intuitive Riding courses, which seek to rebuild the mutual confidence so many horse and rider partnerships seem to lack.

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