Testimonial – June Eckhart

After about 20 years of struggling and failing to be a rider, acquiring along the way many bad habits and a vast amount of anxiety and indeed real fear. My lifelong ambition along with my newly acquired equine partner were really at the end of the road. Luckily for both of us I discovered Bowhayes and Lucinda. I am now well on the way to being a real rider, balanced, more relaxed, and importantly confident. Her lunge sessions have not only completely transformed my position but have also cured my longstanding lower back pain (something physio and other treatments and exercise failed to do). My equine partner a 16 year old former brood mare Haflinger has also been transformed by Lucinda and can now relax and stretch her neck and back and seems to enjoy being ridden. All her former aches and tension disappeared, she very much has a new lease of life even enjoying her free jumping and polework.

Try Lucinda‚Äôs methods, they really work…

June Eckhart and Farrer (Haffie)

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