Testimonial – Kathie Gregory

Testimonial for Young Horse Workshop,
Lucinda McAlpine, 2nd March 2013

I was really looking forward to the Young Horse Workshop, and I was not disappointed.
I arrived to a very warm welcome from Lucinda, a cup of tea and a biscuit!
We started the workshop with 3 year old George (a handsome boy named after the also handsome Clooney), 2 year old Fred, and their mum, BamBam
The horses were calm, attentive and friendly, it was really nice to see that they were happy in the arena, and wanted to interact with us. We worked on gaining their trust and calmly handling them. All three were happy for a short groom and a stroke, and started to ask for more attention.
George was a star, he had no problem when a numnah was placed on his back for the very first time, he wandered around with it on, got used to it and then Lucinda was able to do it up. No stress, no fight, just a calm, contented horse with no reason to worry. Things were so good, that all three horses wore the numnah, which was a great result, and a good learning exercise for the horses and for us humans, teaching us to develop our relationship and work with the horses in a kind, rewarding manner.
There followed more tea and biscuits, and a chance to do a little work with three siblings, who were a little older. Again, they were wonderfully calm, happy and inquisitive, and really enjoyed the cantering and jumping work, as did I.
Lucinda has a wealth of expertise, it was so easy to talk to her and ask questions throughout the workshop. The atmosphere was relaxed, the horses were relaxed, and we were relaxed! All in all a really good day.

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