The Unshod Horse

A barefoot horse on the roadTwenty  years ago Lucinda was forced to face the fact that her beloved Grand Prix dressage horse, Panduc was unable to continue to wear shoes. As it turned out her life was transformed by this and gradually all the horses in her care lived without shoes. As a result of those years of experience with up to 45 horses at a time of all ages, types, sizes and breeds she is in a unique position to be able to offer help and advice to anyone starting out on this path with their horse. Over time it has become apparent that the trimming of the hoof is only part of the story and Lucinda specialises in helping people to understand the importance of the horses’ locomotion in the transition process. Many people have benefitted from her help and expertise and can tell stories of watching their horses transform from ‘footy’ to ‘floating’ before their eyes in a matter of minutes.

Lucinda provides a specialist programme for your horse here at Bowhayes to start him or her on the path to an unshod life. Call us to see how we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

This subject is enormous and study days can be arranged around this topic alone. Periodically we will be holding workshop mornings for those considering this positive step forward! Please keep checking our ‘What’s On’ page for dates.

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